Saturday, February 23, 2013

Half Marathon VS Mini-Marathon - The Opinion of the Half Marathon Community - RESULTS ARE IN

Completely out of curiosity, we decided to reveal what the half marathon running community really feels about the push to call a half marathon a mini-marathon.

Taking a completely unbiased approach, we posted a poll to a half marathon community (an area that is made up of all half marathon runners across the United States).  We took a poll, February 2013, to see how the half marathon community of runners feel about the movement by some to change the commonly known identity of "half marathon" for the 13.1 distance, to Mini-Marathon.  Results show that 1% of half marathon runners like the 13.1 distance being called a mini-marathon.  One percent 1% said that it didn't really matter.  Approximately 4% said it didn't really matter, as long as the 13.1mi distance was CLEARLY identified in the title aside the name mini-marathon.  Fifty Four 54% of the half marathon running community identified that they prefer it just stay identified as a "half marathon" and 38% of the half marathon running community identified that they STRONGLY prefer it remain identified as a "half marathon" AND do not like Mini-Marathon at all.

The results overwhelmingly show the the feelings of runners across the US a clear dislike for the 13.1 mile distance "half marathon" being called a mini-marathon.  When it all comes down to it, I don't think it really matters too much, but from a business perspective, I'd probably side with going with the opinions of your target market, as 92% is an overwhelming percent that feels the distance should remain identified as a "half marathon." Just a food for thought for Half Marathon Race Organizers, as they ponder a new name of their event. 

Poll taken by staff